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storm 10 °C

The biggest storm in English history is apparently going on atm and I have seen nothing it did rain tonight and I am wet but it's not even part of the storm apparently..proberly lucky really

I started off the day at the pattern arms hotel where I had brekky inc black pudding egh still not sure I like it but the rest of the meal was nice except mushrooms ill never eat them lol anyway I left the Pattern arms at 10 am and walked across the road to the train station lol I nearly got on the wrong train going to Glasgow lol I should've gone it could've been fun nuhhh

Decided not to use my BritRail Pass for this trip cause it was only 5£ so I thought really that would be a waste I can use it later in my holiday. Got the train to Manchester Piccadilly and I was told the Rochdale line was in that station they lied cause it's actually at Manchester Victoria so it was a short wet tram ride (the MetroLink) to Victoria and straight on the train to Bradford via Rochdale.

Once on the train I found that my hotel was actully not near the station like I thought I was so I thought why not try and English cabbie see how it goes £2 pounds later I'm at the hotel which was good but check in was at 3pm I arrived at 130 booo so I had to wait...I would've gone for a walk but it was raining cats and dogs so I didn't want to get wet...at least not until the game.

Finally got checked at 230 and got to relax by watching the storm coverage down south it was getting pretty crazy

I was told by reception that the ground was 20 minute walk away but shouldn't walk it in the dark by my self so what do I do leave the hotel at 6pm in daylight start walking and it get pitch black within 10 minutes I thought ill just keep going and it will be fine...which it was lol I should've caught a taxi would've been far safer

The game in itself was pretty good too Ireland were just getting to tired by the end of the game and Fiji where too good. The Fijians behind me were singing their hearts out and it was seriously so amazing I loved it. I apparently was sitting in the Rochdale (soccer) members area so all the members were sitting in that area and weren't very happy with the Fijians sing but stuff then I loved it...it was also a seating stand so the Fijians were not really meant to be standing which they did pretty much the whole game the security kept walking up and down the steps telling them off but considering they were in the last row they were not really hurting anyone and the police man gave up lol after the game both teams did a lap in the rain Sisa saw me and held my sign I told him I'd wait for him.

After the game I met some of the Irish players and Rory Kostjason came up to me and said Hi Brett White was even better he gave me a hug and asked when I arrived told me I was a love way from melbourne and told me to have a safe trip when the Irish had gone the Fijians started coming out..when Sisa came out we chatted for a bit and then it was time for them to go I waited for My friend Sylvia and we decided that if we were both going to Workington tomorrow then it was better to be in one place...her and a friend have based themselves in Chester for a week and I was staying in Rochdale so it was decided to pick up my bags and drive straight to Chester ready for the afternoon drive to Workington

Got back to my hotel picked up my bags which I hadn't even unpacked and drove an hour in the rain to Chester...best idea we have had ever
Until next time
Love ya

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semi-overcast 11 °C

Day3 and 4

So last night was the open ceremony of the World Cup made it to Millennium stadium right at 130 after getting lost..well not lost just went to the wrong door found my seat and got settled in for the afternoon

The ceremony was pretty impressive from a mixture of dance to disco music and a whole heap of Tom Jones lol ok one song but it felt like more then the League started and England started really well but in the end Australia was Victorious woohoo

After the game I was heading back to my hotel and saw the Aussie boys walking back to their hotel as well so I took my chance to go see them. one of the trainers told me the boys had a meeting to go to and get changed all which took then about 20 minutes but I could wait in the lobby I and a few other die hards or lol stalkers (as everyone knows me as) waited while most of the players came out of the training room

I got photos with a lot of the guys but also missed a few but it doesn't matter..in the end after waiting for about 1/2 hour Cam JT and Sam Thaiday came back to the hotel in a taxi Later cause all three had stuff to do after the game due to being Capt MOM and injured I spoke to Cam who loved that I came and loved the sign and we chatted for about 5 minutes I'm still impressed he knows my name then I chatted to sammy and JT who were happy to chat.

I was just about to leave when the Doctor of the Storm and Australian doctor Tony Aoub came out and he laughing chatting to a trainer he looked at me and did a double take he came back to chat and asked how I was where I was going how long had I been over for and told me to be careful and have a great time...long story short back in Feb when the storm got back from the world club challenge I was catching a taxi home from the airport when Tony got left behind by the storm bus (as u do) and his phone was still on an English sim so he couldn't use it..I let him use my phone and while he waited for them to ring back we chatted about everything and he said he was the Aussie doc and I said I was coming on holiday at the end of the year...every time I have seen him this year at training or the pres ball he has asked me about it and when he saw me last night he was excited.

As I was leaving Nate Myles asked me if I'd seen his friends...how am I ment to know who you friends are lol I walked outside but stopped cause of a shower and Robbie Farah and the Morris twins and Jarryd Hayne were going out to get food I can't stop lol now as Robbie did a little dance to the music across the road..it is definitely something I won't be able to un see lol

When I got back to the hotel finally I packed for Warrington today

When I woke up clocks went back so it was light at 7 am instead of 8 like the first two days..I had a tour at the Millenium stadium at 10am so I left early for a walk and ended up in the town centre which I'd been to before the last time I came with my family...I don't remember any of it last time so this time it was really pretty and they were putting Christmas decorations up I went to the castle which for 9 am was closed but went on the lawn and took photos then made my way to the stadium where the tour went to the dressing rooms for the away and the home teams the away team being Australia...it was still set up a bit but they had put welsh jersey in the cubicles the tour also went to the coaches box the presidential box and the WRU corporate suite which can be brought for a whopping £100000 a year

Currently on the way to Warrington to watch the Nz team face Samoa hopefully on time

The ground was amazing standing in the standing terrace was an experience they're are like a soccer crowd who sing like soccer fanatics but love league.. The botched Sonny Bill try was down my end and pretty much right in front of me I couldn't stop laughing. After the game I met up friends to wait for the players I met up with all the Samoans except Junior Sau...I still don't know where he went or even if he came out. I talked to Junior Moors and made him hold my sign but nearly got hit by are car in the car park and he had to leave so no second on shame but not the end of the world. The Kiwis came out one at a time and Jesse B spotted me first and came over and said Hi he had see the photo of me and Cam and wanted to know if I was trying to get them al. I told him it wasn't anything official but since I was here in the country I may as well try so he posed with the sign then wish me good luck with my trip after that it was a short walk back to my hotel The Pattern arms where I'm sure I heard ghosts ...I had an end room noone past me in the corridor but their were noises all night in the walls and the corridor lol I did sleep though so that's ok

Anyway off to Rochdale by train tomorrow to see Sisa Play Can't wait

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Finally made it

Day 1-3

semi-overcast 11 °C

Heyyyy guys it's me all the way from Cardiff Wales
Currently 9 am on the 26th of Oct

I started this journey on the 24th flying Malaysian airline to KL. The flight was amazingly good due to the fact it wasn't full so me and two other girls had a bank of 4 chairs to ourselves I laid down and slept for at least 4 hours or it could've been more either way when I got to KL I had to find gate c2 which was pretty east until I found out that gate was for the 1010 flight to Amsterdam not the 1130 flight. Lucky my gate was actually only c3 around the corner.
The flight from KL to Amsterdam wasn't that bad but wasn't fun either mainly cause when I booked the flight I asked for an aisle seat and I got it but had to change to the window cause the girl I was sitting next too was sick and was throwing up so it was asked to sit by the window. The flight itself was 13 hours I think I slept on and off for at least 6 hours the rest of the time was just movies and TV finally made it to Amsterdam at 710am

Waited till 9 am for the next flight to Cardiff which was delayed but 20 minutes finally got on the bus took us to the plane which happened to be a city hopper (only 30 people on the flight) arriving in Cardiff at at 10am

When I went through customs the guy asked so many questions when I said I was here for the World Cup he said he was going to the game tomorrow too and he let me go I had a transfer from the airport to my hotel

Couldn't check in to the hotel so I went to explore was walking around the city and walked past Greg bird James Tamou and Nate Myles I said hello and they said hi back after that I went to the bus station and caught the bus to St Fagons welsh open air history museum and Castle it was amazing and very informative caught the bus back at 430 and went to Tesco and checked in to my hotel

So far this trip has been pretty cool so I can't wait for the games to start Lets Go Australia

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Latest Update

Long time between drinks

sunny 19 °C

Soooooo I haven't updated in about 5 months which sucks big time but really I think I told everyone about this trip way too early hahah anyway as of today there is 24 days to go and everything I'm doing is now booked minus the premier league game Im thinking of going too and tour of Manchester United

I guess I should update you on the rest of the trip too on all the things I've booked and plan to do
Cardiff ST Fagons national history museum Cardiff castle Cardiff bay Roath park A tour of Millenium stadium before travelling to Warrington to see NZ vs Samoa then travel back to Cardiff travel to bath for a day in Bath and a day in Bristol before the game USA vs Cook Islands then travel to London for 2 days

While in London I'm going to see Las Mis and going up the Shard before my Contiki tour starts on Sat the 2nd of November
The tour goes to Amsterdam, Berlin Germany, Prague, Vienna Austria, Krakow Poland, Budapest Hungary, Ljubljana Slovenia, Venice Italy, Rome, Vatican city, Florence, Swiss Alps Paris France

Once the tour arrives in Paris it's my last night so I'm thinking Since im leaving the tour in the morning anyway i might leave the tour that night and go up the Eiffel Tower or stay with the tour and do the night tour which is booked and miss the tower I guess ill just have to work it out while the tour is on and ask the tour director

In the morning sat 23 rd or November I have an early flight from Charles de Gaulle airport to London Heathrow on British airways arriving around 10am where I will go straight to my hotel and then most likely head straight to Wemberly for the Semi final I upgraded my tickets for this game so now will be sitting in the stands and have access to the bar restaurant and the NON playing players of the four teams involved in the Semis (hopfully Australia Nz England where u get to talk to them at halftime) (kinda cool)

I have a Beatles tour to Liverpool from London which is a 15 hour tour which will be fun
A night tour of London on my last night in London before travelling to Wigan for two nights and on to manchester where the Rugby League World Cup Final is....The last 7 days from Wigan and Manchester I have nothing planned except the thing I was thinking of doing in the first few lines of this blog

I've also changed my money into Euro and Pounds

With 24 days to go it's now time to get excited

Just waiting for a few of my tickets for the games to arrive and ill be ready
Bring it on

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6 months to go

semi-overcast 22 °C

So yesterday was six months till the start of my trip and also the day the RLWC organisers put out the kick off times for the games they are all on the website if you want to see them but I'm rather pleased with them as most of the games are in the day so it will be easy to get back to the city

Anyway a few weeks ago when the Rugby league rep games were on I was watching the NZ Haka and then the Samoan Tongan game and decided I wanted to experience the atmosphere of the Haka and Samoans in a group game so I've changed my plans from having 5 nights in Cardiff to only having 3 with a train trip to Warrington to watch the New Zealand vs Samoa game then back to Cardiff in the morning it will be good

So now I know when the game is in London I finally got to book a plane trip back to London from Paris which the end of the contiki tour I'm doing...I'm on British airways early in the morning so I make it back to London before 10 and the game starts a little bit later in the arvo so that should be exciting

Till next time may the best team win RLWC

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