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So happy

Finally I found a place in London that wasn't dark and dingy, dirty and old or having to sleep with a million of other ppl

Me and mum have been researching a bit and found a few places then I came across the Ibis

Amazing hotel and its close to the city and Wemberly

bring it on

Till next time cya

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Can't wait


Yesterday was officially 365 day till the World Cup starts with a press confance with players from every team was pretty cool to watch...I'm kinda excited now

Anyway I finally got tickets for the semi at wemberly so I'm now going to 3 games

Been looking at places to stay in London and Manchester and have decided to break up the time between London and Manchester by going to wigan fr 2 nights hehe love it also thinking about going to the game in Bristol Cook Islands vs USA cause I have 5 days b4 my tour starts so thought that would be kinda kool too

Anyway that's all for now

1 year to go

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all seasons in one day

Today I booked a hotel in Cardiff...noticed the last few days accommodation was getting more and and more expensive so I finally chose a hotel and booked it so now I know where I will be for the first 4 days after that I will be booking later in the year

Day 1 of saving is now complete haha 366 days To go haha

Can't wait


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Tour booked

Just over 1 year to go

all seasons in one day

So after going to work yesterday and talking to a few customers I decided to bite the bullet and went to flight centre across the road and talked to Luke the consultant who was free he helped me to feel 100% well 99% anyway and I put a $250 deposit down....it's just become reality....I'm going to the UK and Europe

Tonight I spoke to the guys on twitter from the rugby league World Cup who were happy to hear I was coming over and had tickets to Game 1 in Cardiff and the Final in Manchester

I'm getting excited too...I realised today it's pretty much today in a years time I will be leaving Australia to fly to London


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Just decided

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So I was chatting to friends about the rugby league World Cup in London and one thing led to another and now we are going. Well I'm going, they are still thinking about it but I have decided to make this my last major fling before I settle down a bit

So looking at the fixtures it's a long time between the first game and the final and pretty much all over the England Scotland Wales and France I quickly decided that I would be better to only go to a few games and do something else in between like a tour. I only really want to see Australia and New Zealand or England play so I decided on the very first game the semi finals and the final would be the go. Game 1 is Australia vs England and Italy vs France as a double header in Cardiff then the semis are in London and is also a double header and the final is in Manchester. As of today I have tickets for game 1 and the final woohoo exciting

Yesterday was a big day I chose a European tour 22 days and goes to all the country's I wanted to go to but it's contiki yes I was a little worried about the whole drinking thing but each to their own I don't have to do what everyone else is doing and also the whole dorm share thing isnt the best thing in the world but i kinda figure you have to expirence life weather you like it or not so ill live with it and proberly enjoy it. the semi final i want to go to is on the 23rd and the tour finishes on the 24th so i will be leaving from Paris on the second last day but I've seen Paris once I can handle leaving early

I was 2 minutes away from putting down a deposit yesterday at the tour expo but stopped myself to think about it more but when this girl rings on Monday or Tuesday ill be saying yes. So the budgeting and saving begins

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