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Just booked Manchesters hotel...now I have all the hotels booked I need to have booked before I go away. :)))))

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314 days to go

Getting excited

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Hey guys well it's been a month since I last updated reason being well nothing much had been done just a lot of reasearch really apart from that just work and recovering from being hit by a wheelchair (yes you can lol) for those that don't know the full story comment on this and ill tell u

So on Tuesday I went to the travel agent with a few questions and they were all answered which helped the main question I wanted answered was Do I have to find my way back from France myself or does the tour help....I have to do it...so I have to either catch the Eurostar or get the plane to make it back in time for the Semi at Wembeley

Also Luke (my travel consultant) booked the hotel for the two night before the tour. It's 4 share which sucks but considering I'm doing it on the tour it may as well start two days before

So now I have all my hotels in Cardiff Bristol London London and Wigan booked right up in till Manchester which I can finally book this weekend (you can only book a year in advance so this weekend is a year in advance)

Also while at the travel agent we started talking flights (not getting them till Feb or early March) but found that it was a problem flying into Cardiff and out of Manchester it would be cheaper to fly into and out of the same place.. I was thinking (and chatted to a customer at work) about it today that if I fly into Cardiff then I could take the train from Manchester to Cardiff on the Monday spend the night near Cardiff airport and catch the plane home the next day (either early or late depending on when the flight is)

I've found a pretty cool tour in Cardiff to do as well as the millennium stadium tour and a cool museum that is like 1/2hour from the city so my time in Wales will be jam packed

Anyway the main reason I'm updating u guys atm is because I actually paid off half my Contiki tour so I'm really happy...writing it down like this doesn't seem a big deal but I kinda think it is for me so I'm happy and proud

Anyway for those that a following have a good night/day/afternoon and look out for my next post


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Work work and more work

Can't wait


As the title says I've been busy busy busy at work but today is 350 days until I go away actually I lie it's 349 I forgot about the milestone yesterday but I thought I'd write today to tell you guys what been happening

Last week I was having second thoughts about doing the contiki tour and was thinking of doing the country's I wanted to go to by myself (well a customer kinda talked me out of it) but I had a think and looked into it a bit and worked out it proberly would end up being twice as expensive so I'm gonna stop listening to customers haha and gonna enjoy Europe NO MATTER WHAT :)

As for my hotel in Manchester I'm still looking lol maybe ill just find the one the Australian boys are staying at and stay with them :P

Anyway have a good day peeps

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Follow my blog


Hoping this works...all my FB followers can now read my blog too

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So here goes

My trip is taking shape

24th of October leave Melbourne (hopefully arrive in Cardiff/London)

25-29th October 4 nights in Cardiff (booked and paid for)

26th October game 1 opening ceremony millennium stadium

29th-31st either Bath or Bristol (nothing booked yet)

1st of November London

2nd November tour starts ends 23rd of November in Paris in leaving the 23rd Paris to London either plane or train

23rd - 27th London (booked and paid for)

23rd semi final Wemberly stadium

27th -29th November Wigan (booked and paid for)

29th - 2nd of December Manchester (booked and paid for)

29th Final Old Trafford

2nd of December fly home

So there is still a few this to get as well as pay off the Europe tour and by flights but I finally have accommodation in Manchester so I'm happy

Can't wait

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