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London - Rest Day

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Fri 1st of November

Today has been kinda good

Woke up late and got up late met one of the girls on my tour and a group of us went to lunch...we went to Yo Sushi...it was so good until we got the bill and it was £80 for the 3 of us...crazy..still it was good

Pretty much bummed around with a few others for a few hours till our contiki meeting at 6pm...we have to be outside for the bus at 645am and our luggage can only weigh 20kg (shittttttt) after that everyone was given a colour as there were 3 tours going on the same day Blue Red and Green (me) the blue group went to the pizza parlour across the road the red group went to the Indian place and we went to the pub...ordered food and drank

Was a pretty quiet night for the rest of the night a most people had just arrived and were jet lagged anyway that's me till tomorrow when we start Contiki

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Still travelling

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Thursday 31st

Today I just feel bluh I mean I'm still happy I'm travelling but I just don't wanna be here I wanna lay in bed and cry. Maybe it's the fact I have left the League world behind and now in London or maybe it's this Hotel all I know is the only good thing to happen today was the performance I went to on the west end Les Mis but I should really tell you about my day

I left Bristol at midday and caught to train from Bristol parkway station into London paddington then successfully caught the tube from paddington Russell square switching twice I manage to top up the Oyster card I was given by myself lol thanks to whoever was the last person to use it cause there was £3 left on there so I only put £10 on it for me. Finally made it to the Royal National at 330pm and checked in

I have my own room apparently cause the girl who was meant to be in my room for contiki missed her flight and now won't arrive till the day we leave haha funny

So I took the chance to change stuff around in my suitcase then had dinner...after dinner I decided tomorrow I'm not doing anything but resting case I'm exhausted so I had planned on going to the shard but I've decided if I really wanna do it I can go when I get back.

Night now

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rain 11 °C

Wed 30th

About to go to bed in Bristol
Today has been exhausting amazing and fantastic I'm not sure how Sylva did it but she drove from Keswick to Manchester then Manchester to Bristol (all up about 8 hours driving)...proberly should have had more then one driver but as you all know I don't drive so I congratulate her.

We started out in Keswick at 6am (ouch) and was ready by 645am Tommy told us the night before he wouldn't let us go till we either ate or drank something (again proberly the best idea) and he was in the dining room waiting for us. we both said coffee but decided to have some cereal and ate and drank as we watched the sun rise. at 710am we left the guest house saying goodbye to Tommy and got in the car and drove it was 4.5 degrees and felt it. The views going out were more amazing going out with the sun going up and I totally recommend a trip to Cumbria if anyone gets over here.

We made it to Etihad stadium in Manchester at 940 just as the Aussie bus was pulling in as well. Now normally I would go into full stalker fan mode but Sylva was there for work (Roo Crew stuff) so I couldn't do anything stupid. I took a few photos while the warm up was on but when the cameras were asked to leave I put mine away too and just admired the view and tried to work out who was and wasn't playing which if you go to training enough for any team you eventually work it out. I asked the media manager if I could get a few fan pic at the end he said I could get one or two so I decided I'd ask Billy.

Once training was finished at 1230 Billy came off the field and I asked him to hold the sign and he was giggling and said that was a great idea then once all the guys had gone to get changed we stood to the side and Sylva got the photos she needed and I must say some look really good...I had a photo taken with Cooper and I must say it's proberly the best EVER photo I've had with him..I didn't want to ask him about my sign as I know his a bit funny holding stuff so I told him to have a good day

Cam said he had seen the photos on twitter I had got with the other boys and my sign and told me they looked really good (u gotta love twitter right) then told me to have a good trip. When all the guys had left we got in the car and drove drove and drove we stopped for a rest break and went to get petrol but the guy was shutting it down (who does that) so we had to find another petrol station further down the road. There were accidents and just general traffic caos the further down we got. We got to about 1/2 hour outside of Bristol and we were around 2 hours behind time so I figured it would be better to check in and catch a taxi to the game. We arrived in Bristol at at 715 checked. We arrived at the ground 805pm just On kick off. Amazing. The funny thing was as we walked in this random guy as me if I was Sally or Stormymay I said yes he introduced himself as Ian Muddy Waters I'd been chatting to him about this game for nearly 6 months it was just crazy he was at the same gate

We had seats in the grand stand and we chatted to some locals the game was pretty good with the USA winning. We waited in the rain for the cookies to come at and we were going to wait for the USA but they were taking too long

Got back to the hotel said goodbye to Sylva as she was going to more games while tomorrow I'm off to London

It's been a long day and I need sleep. NIGHT

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Few days behind

semi-overcast 10 °C

So I lost wifi and couldn't post obviously this may happen a few times so I'm writing my diary in notes and keeping it there till I get wifi so I can post it...so when I do get it enjoy

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Tues 29th

Hey guys live from A beautiful little place called Keswick just outside of Workington about 20miles from Scotland

We started the morning the morning in Chester where Sylva had things to do for a friend so I stayed in town and went for a walk. The place is seriously pretty I could definitely live there

I brought some world famous (I'd never heard of it) Holby Chester Fudge...it's really really good

I repacked my bag yet again then when Sylva got back we both decided we wanted to go to Workington but had trouble finding accomodation as neither of us had booked anything found a guest house on lastminute.com.au called Maple Bank and called them up it said on the site £80 per night but he said we could stay for £70 a night so we said we would take it but would arrive late

We set off Workington at about 3 and had a pretty good drive...we had a dinner and bathroom stop at a roadhouse about halfway there I had the most English meal ever Pie and Chips and gravy omg it was so good

Finally made it to Keswick at around 6pm after going through some amazing landscape hills and crazy storms it was already dark when we arrived and got lost for about 10 minutes after taking the wrong turn we rang Tommy (the owner) and he gave us the right direction and made it to Maple bank at 615pm checked in with Tommy taking our bags straight to our room. Chatting to him he was Scottish and loved sport he knew the game was on but didn't have a ticket. Sylva asked him if he wanted one as she had one spare he said yes and offered to take us. Now both of us said yes but then when we were getting ready I went in to crazy man mode we didn't know him only just met him what the hell were we doing and both of us had players we wanted to meet which would've been another hour at least so we talked to him and said we should take two cars cause we wanted to meet the players Tommy again insisted he take us and was willing to stick around with us after the game. he introduced us to his wife so I gave up and agreed lol now I think about it it was proberly the best thing in the world that happened for us crazy I know.

On the drive there he told us about his guest house how half the year it's self catering and he and his wife goes on holidays this year they are going to Cyprus and the other of the year they run it as a B&B and it's hard work. He also told us about his love of speedway how he goes to the Workington ground all the time for the speedway and sits in the grand stand for it. We chatted about road rules I.e speed limits after getting stuck behind a truck When we made it to Workington he was amazing and literally just parked his car on the grass near the stadium we arrived with about 10 minutes to spare and lined up...it was freezing I've never been more cold ever.

We walked into the ground and it was crazy the amount of people in it. people were every where even the local kids were watching from over the fence, why pay when u can watch for free. We made our way undercover with about 2000 other people ok maybe not that many but there was a few. They stopped letting people in after a time cause it was chockers. They announced the teams and neither Mahe or Siosaia were playing which was disappointing but also good cause they both would come out early for the bus

The game was pretty good and Tommy was seriously happy with Scotland winning lol he even rang his brother in Scotland to tell him to watch cause he was at the game. After the game we walked out and me and Sylva were amazed at how fast people disappeared one minute 7794 people were watching the game 5 minutes after it ended there was no one there CRAZY. We decided to only wait for a few minutes cause both of us were frozen like seriously I've never been that cold before it was lucky they kept a little shop open cause we got a coffee and hot chocolate to try and warm up and five minutes later the Tongan boys started coming out Vave had the biggest smile when he saw me and gave me a hug (love that) we chatted about him staying/going from the storm (sad his going..even sadder he doesn't have a club) and we held my sign (his still storm to me) then he got on the bus and I waited for Mahe. When Mahe saw me he was happy and said "you made it" cause I told him presentation night I might show up. After holding my sign he was told he had to go and we decided to go too.

We got back to the car and the place was empty...amazing. Tommy drove us back and he was happy he went to the game

We have to leave early tomorrow as we have to be at Etihad for Australian Training at 10am so we've decided to leave at at 7am tomorrow goodnight

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